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The AltKuznets FLEXCAP alternative to the Net Zero !

Webinar 1: The AltKuznets FLEXCAP alternative to the Net Zero !

AltKuznets, headed by a PennState PhD-embellished Director with a Thesis in Energy, Env. & Mineral Economics, has a vantage, pole position in understanding the dynamics underlying the Climate Crisis. AltKuznets understands why Resource-endowed nations and Precincts turn Climate laggards, how investments in Exploration & Refining are tied politically in to the distant future, how important Transportation is to an economy, how Fossil fuel consumption correlates to slow-moving changes to Automobile Fuel & Efficiency characteristics, why Investors are wary of a heavy-handed policy in the markets, how the pace of Renewables expansion within a constrained or constrained global Carbon Space affects GHG emissions, and how Majority Politics & Democracy threaten any enduring solution. Realizing the global nature of the Carbon Crisis, the multiple Resource-endowed parties, and how laissez faire market pricing works to attenuate pro-active environmental policies, AltKuznets suggests a Capital market-leveraged Financial strategy that combined the authority of a Climate Bond, with the power of the Derivative market to obtain a globally-enforced, yet flexible resolution to the Climate Crisis that encompassed its major stakeholders – Fossil Fuels Entities, Equity & Bullion Investors, Renewables, Multi-modal Transportation Fleet Owners and Users, and Insurance entities.

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The AltKuznets Sustainability Webinar Series

Webinar 2: AltKuznets CapGain-leveraged Sustainability

Capital Gains Taxes are the crux of a long-drawn battle between the Government and Market Investors. Capital Gains taxes, associated with an enlarging Nominal economy, have generated much frustration among the Investor Community, even as Environmentalists and Social Scientists have noted imbued externalities with much concern. 

Realizing the global dimensions of the conflict and the threat of further exacerbation with expansion of the Space economy, AltKuznets has come up with a unique strategy that upscales the Capital Gains Tax in to a Sustainability-calibrated Capital Gains Tax refund, and a Precinct Budget Monetize. Plus the opportunity to .... !!

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